In Pennsylvania, a national battleground, South Asian voters play a pivotal role in determining the direction of the state.

Pennsylvania is home to over 600,000 Asian Americans, and Indian Americans make up the largest subgroup of that category. Philadelphia and its suburbs and Allegheny County are home to the largest populations. However, Indian American communities are also growing rapidly in the Lehigh Valley and Scranton.

In 2020, The IMPACT Fund invested significantly in efforts to turnout the South Asian community through grassroots partner organizations and allied campaigns. That year, State Senator Nikil Saval from Philadelphia became the first Indian American elected to the Pennsylvania legislature in over 200 years. Since then, South Asians have also had success in local races, as Dr. Mariam Mahmud, Dr. Robert Singh, and Madhu Gurthy all won their school board elections in the Philadelphia suburbs in 2021.

Pennsylvania has still never elected a South Asian American to federal or statewide office, as mayor of a major city, or to city councils of the three largest cities. Impact is continuing to build the bench in the state, and organize voters to make the difference in critical elections.

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Elected Officials

  • Madhu Gurthy

    School Board (Local)

  • Mariam Mahmud

    School Board (Local)

  • Nikil Saval

    State Senate

  • Robert Singh

    School Board (Local)

  • Ruchira Singh

    School Board (Local)

  • T.R. Kannan

    School Board (Local)

  • Taiba Sultana

    City Council


2022 Endorsed Candidates

  • Anna Thomas

    State House

    thomas-1 (1)
  • Arvind Venkat

    State House

    Arvind Venkat
  • Tarik Khan

    State House