Current Campaigns: 

Protect Our Hearts

Act now to help pass the South Asian Heart Health Research and Awareness Act to save lives.

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Past Campaigns: 

Global Vaccine Equity

When a COVID-19 surge devastated India and South Asia in 2020, Impact and its supporters were quick to act. We understood that a global pandemic can’t end anywhere unless it ends everywhere, and our diaspora mobilized quickly to deploy resources and pressure Congress and the Biden Administration to #sendIndiavaccines. 

Learn more about Impact’s efforts and the need for global vaccine equity.

Pathway to Citizenship for all DREAMers

Over the past few months, we’ve had the honor of working with several DREAMers who remind us each and every day that politics is deeply personal. Many of these DREAMersare the children of long-term visa holders who live in the shadows of the American immigration system and face self-deportation when they age out of their dependent visa status at 21. This travesty stems from the fact that there are nearly 1.2 million– mostly Indian– residents are languishing indefinitely in a green card backlog and awaiting their citizenship.

To support these DREAMers, Impact has held numerous meetings with Members of Congress and the administration to ensure our elected leaders are prioritizing creating a pathway to citizenship for all children who grow up in the United States. 

The Impact Project also launched an essay contest to raise awareness of the many obstacles that South Asian DREAMers face and received dozens of submissions from youth in more than 22 states. Read our contest winners’ and finalists’ powerful stories and learn more about these issues through our partners Improve the Dream and Hidden Dream