Despite rapid growth and professional success, Indian Americans have been underrepresented in shaping public policy, including elected office from state capitols to the U.S. Congress. As a result, our community often goes unrecognized in the halls of power. At a time when our values are under attack by xenophobic rhetoric and regressive policies, it is more critical than ever that Indian Americans ally with other communities of color to build and wield political power to fight back.

Impact is a bold new initiative to help talented and patriotic Indian Americans who reflect our community's values run, win, and lead.

Specifically, Impact will:

  1. Build a nationwide network of Indian American leaders in policy, politics, and government who ally with other communities of color;
  2. Recruit, train, and elect Indian American candidates at all levels; and
  3. Align and leverage political giving by Indian American donors to support causes that reflect our values.

This work will require a long-term strategy to invest in emerging leaders in our community and build political infrastructure to support leaders interested in elected office and public service. By laying the groundwork now, we will ensure that Indian American leaders from all sectors are fully represented and heard in national policy conversations, the media, and civic life, and that future generations will have the opportunity to run, win, and lead.