Press Release

IMPACT Collects More Than 350 Indian American Resumes for Incoming Biden Administration, Hill Openings

“Brown Book” reduces barriers to access, creates critical pipeline to talented Indian American staffers

(Dec. 4) — IMPACT, the leading Indian American advocacy and political action committee, announced today that it has sent more than 350 resumes of talented Indian Americans to the Biden transition team and Capitol Hill recruiters as part of its “Brown Book” initiative. The effort is designed to boost the number of Indian American staffers in government and reduce the barriers to access that candidates of color often face in landing jobs in politics.

“Our government functions best when it reflects the rich diversity of our country,” IMPACT Executive Director Neil Makhija said. “That doesn’t just mean in the candidates that represent us – it also extends to the staffers behind-the-scenes, who support our elected officials and help government agencies operate. People are policy. Our ‘Brown Book’ initiative will help ensure leaders on the Hill and in the Biden administration have access to a pipeline of talented Indian American staffers.”

IMPACT first launched the “Brown Book” initiative in 2018, with nearly 250 resumes. This year, the number has swelled to 350 and continues to grow daily. Of the 350+ resumes collected so far, 148 individuals have Master’s degrees, 118 have law degrees, 41 have MBAs, 29 have PhDs, and 77 have 10+ years of experience in government.

The “Brown Book” project will be ongoing – staffers will be able to continue to upload their resumes and employers will continue to use it as a resource for top talent in 2021. The collection of resumes is accessible to those hiring within the Administration, on the Hill, or at any advocacy organization that shares a commitment to a diverse workforce and social change.

Click here for the “Brown Book” submission page.