Brown Book

Launched in 2018 by Gautam Raghavan, Impact’s Founding Executive Director, the Brown Book helps boost the number of South Asian American staffers in public service. We work to create a pipeline of talent by reducing the barriers many candidates of color face when applying to jobs in politics, government, and advocacy. 

Following the 2020 elections, the Impact Project prepared an updated “Brown Book” that contained resumes of 350 talented Indian Americans and South Asians and shared the collection with the Biden-Harris administration, Capitol Hill recruiters, and advocacy organizations.  Many of our Brown Book participants went on to significant roles in the Biden Harris Administration. 

If you’re a South Asian politico, policy nerd, organizer, or simply someone who wants to use their talents to give back, add yourself to The Brown Book today!

All interested candidates will have their resumes included in the Brown Book. In addition, individuals with extensive government and political experience will help review, sort, and index resumes by job and expertise, and offer candidates feedback on the process.