Election Results (as of Nov. 23, 5pm ET)

Joseph R. Biden (President-Elect)

Kamala Devi Harris (Vice President-Elect)

Congratulations to President-Elect Joe Biden, elected with the most votes in U.S. History and VP-Elect Kamala Harris, who will be the first Black and Indian American Vice President in the U.S. IMPACT raised a groundbreaking $10 million to turn out the Asian American and Indian community, with $2 million a piece in PA, NC, and TX. Our voices were heard and we are excited for a Biden/Harris administration!

Kevin Thomas (NY State Senate District 06)

Senator Kevin Thomas has been re-elected to the New York State Senate! Senator Thomas became the first Indian American to serve in the NY Senate, when he was first elected in 2018. He's spent a career serving the public and will continue to fight for working families in the NY Senate. IMPACT is proud to support Sen. Thomas as he continues to serve!

Jenifer Rajkumar (NY HD-38)

Congratulations to Jenifer Rajkumar on being the first South Asian woman elected to NY State office! Jenifer is a longtime public servant and legal advocate and she'll be an advocate for South Asian voices in Albany.

Kesha Ram (VT Senate, Chittenden District)

Congratulations to Kesha Ram on being the first Woman of Color to serve in the VT State Senate! While in the State House, she had track record of “building consensus with conviction” and advocating fiercely for Montpelier residents. Impact is proud to support her as she serves in the State Senate!

Nikil Saval (PA State Senate District 01)

Nikil Saval makes history by being the first Indian American elected to the PA General Assembly. IMPACT is proud to have endorsed Nikil for PA State Senate district 01. We are excited to work with him as we fight for better representation in PA.

Nima Kulkarni (KY State House District 40

Congratulations to Nima Kulkarni for her re-election to the KY State House District 40! She's the first Indian American immigrant elected to the KY state legislature and IMPACT was proud to endorse her.

Jeremy Cooney (NY State Senate District 56)

Congratulations Jeremy Cooney! He's the first Asian American to be elected to state office from upstate NY. IMPACT is proud to stand with him and support him as he fights for working families in the State Senate!

Pramila Jayapal (U.S. Congress WA-07)

Congratulations to Pramila Jayapal as she wins re-election to the U.S. Congress. First elected in 2016, she is a trailblazer as the first South Asian woman elected to the House of Representatives. A fierce progressive and champion for working people, we are excited for her win!

Ami Bera (U.S. Congress CA-07)

Rep. Bera is the longest serving Indian American Member of Congress, serving since 2013. IMPACT is excited for his re-election and is proud to endorse him!

Ro Khanna (U.S. Congress CA-17)

First elected in 2016, IMPACT is excited to see Rep. Khanna was re-elected to the House. He's been a progressive champion during his time in Congress and we are proud to endorse him!

Raja Krishnamoorthi (U.S. Congress IL-08)

Congratulations to Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi! First elected in 2016, he is the first Indian American Congressperson from Illinois, and is a longtime public servant working to strengthen the middle class. IMPACT is proud to endorse him and excited for his next term!

Vandana Slatter (WA HD-48)

First elected in 2018, Rep. Vandana Slatter was the first Indian American elected to the WA State House. IMPACT is excited to support her and her third term in the WA State House! Congratulations on your re-election victory!

Padma Kuppa (MI HD-41)

Congratulations to Rep. Padma Kuppa for her re-election to the MI State House! She was elected in 2018 and became the first Indian immigrant & Hindu elected to the MI State Legislature. IMPACT is proud to stand by her as she works to preserve political efficiency in Michigan.

Jay Chaudhuri (NC, State Senate District 15)

The first Indian-American elected to the NC legislature, IMPACT is excited to work with Sen. Chaudhuri as he fights for every community in NC. Congratulations on your re-election!

Ravi Sandill (TX, 127th District Court Judge)

In 2008, Judge Sandill was elected as the first District Court Judge in Texas of South Asian descent. IMPACT is excited to see his re-election.

Amish Shah (AZ, State House 24)

Dr. Shah was first elected in 2018, becoming the first Indian American to serve in the AZ legislature. We are thrilled to support him and excited about his victory in 2020!

Ranjeev Puri (MI, State House 21)

Congratulations to Ranjeev Puri for his election to the MI State House! After a career in the automotive industry, IMPACT is proud to support him as he fights for working families in the MI State House.